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Our analytics target kWh savings. Any large resistive load like HVAC equipment, lighting, compressors, blowers, chillers and refrigeration is worthy of discussion. The program requires a monthly power bill in excess of US$8,000 to justify the time and investment, from both sides.

Absolutely, we work with third-party solutions and add additional intelligence and predictability to the outcome that will further enhance your existing savings.

The first step is to Connect. We install a customised kit. This includes sensors, a connectivity gateway, a router, and a controller(s). Depending on the size of your business, this may take between 4 hours to 15 hours without any disruption to your operations.

The second step is to Collect. We collect the data from our sensors. Generally, this can takes up to 4-8 weeks to digitally map your energy profile and start making meaningful optimization tweaks.

The third and final step is to Correct. Based on the data collected from your site, we can finalize the optimization of your energy profile. Generally, this occurs after 9–12 weeks.

As an ongoing process, our real-time analytics monitoring will watch over your energy consumption and continue to refine and adapt as your needs change.

This will depend on the foot-print of your premises and equipment already installed. Our stand-alone kit is reasonably priced and includes installation by trained technicians. If you have a large monthly power bill, your ROI can be as rapid as two months. 

You will receive an itemised IBM report each month, which base lines your savings verse your actual power bill. There is an additional web based report that can be viewed on your laptop or mobile phone that provides a real time overview of your energy use and savings.

The platform includes an ongoing Asset Registry and Preventive Maintenance assessment. Our engineers will see online equipment faults and notifications that can be escalated directly to the building manager or your service repair team.