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Clever Energy Optimization

We guarantee to reduce building energy consumption using IBM Analytics and artificial intelligence technologies.
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Reduce Energy Costs

Our proven technology will reduce your energy consumption without changing products or reducing personnel. By conducting a preliminary review of your existing energy bills we are able to forecast your savings and provide you with these savings on an ongoing basis.

helping you reduce costs

kWh Savers Benefits

Cloud Connectivity

We use a secure private network to connect to the IBM Cloud where your energy data is analyzed.

Minimal Intervention

Our electrical team can install your sensors and controllers with no disruption to your business.

Guaranteed Savings

Our preparatory energy audit will advise the forecast savings before we undertake an installation.

our process steps

Collect & Correct

Our three step process builds a complex data set of your energy usage and based on the data of thousands of existing sites optimizes your daily energy usage. This is based on environmental conditions such as temperature, humidity, room activity, time of the day and comparative energy usage. 

kWh Savers process steps
sectors saving energy

Over 1,000 active sites saving energy


kWh Savers reduces energy consumption in offices


kWh Savers reduces energy consumption in Hospitals and Medical Centers


Our no-obligation energy audit

Your Next Steps

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'000 kWH saved
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About Us

kWh Savers is a division of Encorp, an electrical engineering firm with a focus on best-in-class energy solutions since 2012. Encorp works in partnership with IBM to provide a Cloud-based environmental monitoring platform that uses AI and Predictive Analytic technologies to provide optimium energy usage.

kWh Savers Headquarters Auckland New Zealand
kWh Savers HQ, Auckland New Zealand